When you stare at the mirror…what do you see?
Am sure everyone sees someone growing,someone succeeding,some one important to the world.
We often see a committed and religious woman/girl.
*We see a husband;a father to lovely kids.  AND THAT’S NICE!!

But do we look beyond our dreams?
Do we look close enough?

Am going to take us on two scenarios here:

1)Imagine that you’re in the church listening to the preacher on a bright Sunday morning and I step into the church with bloodstained clothes and perhaps a gun and a hideous face….and I decide to sit close to you.
What will be your reaction?
I bet you’ll get scared and move to another seat and I know that even though you’ll sit close to me you’ll be very uncomfortable.

2)You see a girl who’s probably in her early years;She’s supposed to be in school but there she is….in the street with piercings all over her and tattoos,a short dress….She’s a prostitute.
What’s the first thing that come a into your mind when you see her?
You’ll probably be disgusted at her attitude and even proceed to condemning her.
It’s easy to judge people.
It’s easy to frown and say.”God forbid.”right?

*You that’s dressed in a much fashion and gold.
*You that’s the preacher of that church?
*You that wears a nicely straightened suit with polished shoes to church every Sunday.
*You that’s a first class degree holder.
*You that’s a perfect example of a successful woman/man.
*You who lives on social media.

We all compete to be the best…
We all want the top…
We have to be that next Vogue cover…

But who are you behind that nicely straightened suit?
Who are you behind that perfect woman/man?
Who are you behind your phone and texting and social media?

We all hide behind our fame,wealth,jeweleries,makeup,degrees,dresses because it’s easier that way plus nobody’s probably going to figure out.
So why is it easy for us to point a finger at someone forgetting that we have three facing us back?
Can we really say we are perfect?
Are we holy?

Of course it’s your answer to give but I want you to try something:
Before you condemn someone next time…do this little thing for me.
*Imagine if our lives were like the movies we love so much.
Imagine that everyone gets to watch every single thing we do,eat,think etc.
If the world had a view of you….
       WHO ARE YOU?

“It’s not of him that willeth or of him that runners but of he who the Lord showers mercy.” Romans 9:16

Queen. I.Umoh

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